Step 1:  Choose the model that's right for you
Whether you are playing a round of golf or taking a joy ride, Yamaha has many different models and styles that can be customized to fit your style and personal transportation needs.


Step 2:   Choose your power source

Electronic Fuel Injected Engine:   
Yamaha's Electronic Fuel Injected Engine is the most efficient engine in the industry and enhances your driving experience. It provides smoother acceleration, has 34 percent better gas mileage, up to 76 percent less pollutants and has the smallest carbon footprint in comparison to any other brand in the industry. In 2017 Yamaha introduced the quietest gas engine golf cart yet with the Drive2 Quiet Tech EFI

A.C. Powered Electric Car:
The new A.C. powered engine provides the most efficient and powerful electric car on the market. With smooth acceleration, 6.7 horsepower and the best hill-climbing ability than any other brand, you are guaranteed to feel the power at every turn.

Why EFI? Why A.C.?

Step 3:   Choose your color


Jasper Red          Glacier White          Tanzanite Blue        Sandstone Gold       Moonstone Silver         Emerald Green

Personalize your car with any of Yamaha's striking colors to fit your style and personality.
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