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The Brooks family, YAMAHA and Carson Valley Golf Course
When our family took over Carson Valley Golf Course in 1983 it needed more than a makeover. Along with many course improvements we started with a small fleet of YAMAHA G1 golf cars. That fleet served us well and proved to be the most reliable part of the course in those early years.

YAMAHA golf cars have been so tough and reliable we kept some of those cars for over 20 years and only sold them for cosmetic reasons, They still ran great. In the 25 + years of running YAMAHA golf cars we never had to open even one engine for repairs.

Mountain Golf & Utility Cars is a subsidiary of Carson Valley Golf Course. We have been repairing our golf customers cars for nearly 30 years so when YAMAHA asked us to take on a new golf car dealership it just made sense.

Over the years we've built Carson Valley Golf Course into Carson Valley's favorite golf course through our commitment to our customers. Providing a good product at a fair price. In that spirit we offer the same commitment to our golf car customers.

Please let us know how we can help you with your personal transportation needs.

Mountain Golf & Utility Cars is an Authorized YAMAHA Golf Car dealer. 
We offer service parts and repair for
Yamaha Club Car EZ-Go, Columbia, Melex,

and more. 
No matter what make and model of golf car you have,
if it looks like a golf cart we can help.

 Offering a full line of New Refurbished and Used Cars as well as Utility and Multi passenger vehicles.

                                Make your car do more!
                                  Need your car to climb better, go faster?
                   Ask us about customizing your car for more speed or torque
                    We can even make your gas car perform better at elevation.

Wheather you prefer gas or electric we specialize in finding the right cart for you and your budget.  From the basic USED runaround to the NEW golf or UTILITY CAR choosing the right options helps you enjoy your work and play time.
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